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The Utah health insurance exchange is focused on Small Businesses

Under the federal health care reform law, all states will be required to set up a health insurance exchange starting in 2014. The state of Utah is ahead of the game as Utah has already set-up a health care exchange. PBS did a nice post on the Utah health care exchange. When health insurance exchanges […]

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Is the Utah Health Exchange Working for Small Business Health Insurance in Utah?

Is the Utah health exchange working? Lets look at some numbers. Utah has a population of 2.8 million, of which 1.1 million have full-time jobs, of which about 200,000 work in firms of less than twenty employees and 540,000 work in firms of less than 500 employees. The Utah Health Exchange defines small businesses as […]

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Small Business Employees Are the Target Market for Utah Health Exchange

Kaiser recently published an interview with Patty Conner, the director of the Utah Health Exchange on their blog. Patty said with in the interview that small business employees are the target market for the Utah Health Exchange. She also said – “The problem that we identified was that our uninsured population was actually employed individuals, […]

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