Do You Need Utah Health Insurance?

To most of us, this is probably just a rhetorical question. We have all heard horror stories of families or individuals who thought they could get along without health insurance-at least temporarily. They dropped their policy or didn’t even take one out so that they would save money every month.

Then a catastrophic event happens-a major illness or an unexpected accident (are there any accidents that aren’t unexpected?).

These days just one major medical occurrence can wipe out the savings and assets of most people. And as a one person operating a small business, you also have a special need to be at work every day. If you are ever sick or injured, you need to get back to your job as quickly as possible because no one ever takes care of your business like you do-not even family, well-meaning friends or loyal employees.

But what about those “smart” people who “save” money each month by not having health insurance. Even if they put the money in the bank and save it for that possible accident or illness, it will probably not build large enough or fast enough to cover more than a minor medical condition.

And if they should contract a serious illness or suffer a major accident, they may be uninsurable for a long time (even for life in some cases).

The answer seems clear then-YES, you need health insurance. But health insurance is not like buying other goods and services. You really need to buy it when you aren’t using it. If you wait until you need it (when you’re sick or injured), you probably won’t be able to get it.

We urge you to use this information to help you save money on the health insurance you purchase. In order to understand how you can save money, you have to know a little bit about how medical expenses are escalating and how insurance policies are structured. The next sections we hope to help you in understanding a little more of this market.

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