Does Utah Have the Lowest State Health Insurance Costs?

The majority of people in Utah don’t smoke or drink. Utah is known for a relatively healthy lifestyle. This is due to the influence of both the Mormon church and the sporting lifestyle available with our beautiful landscapes. But do people in Utah pay the lowest health care insurance costs when compared to other states? If we’re at the top of the health charts on average, shouldn’t we be at the bottom of the health care cost list?

It looks like we are.

Utah health premiums per year are well below the national average for family or a single policy. Utah health care prices are also going up more slowly than in other states.

“The number of Utahns who go without coverage, more than 300,000 uninsured, suggests it’s still out of reach for many families,” said Lincoln Nehring, senior health policy analyst at Voices for Utah Children.

“We live in a state where there are a lot of opportunities for people to be outdoors and get involved in healthy activities,” said Mark Brown, vice president and chief financial officer at SelectHealth, the insurance arm of Utah’s largest hospital chain, Intermountain Healthcare. “We have very low use of tobacco and alcohol, and have one of the lowest obesity rates in the nation.”

Utahns who buy health insurance coverage on that isn’t through the company they work for spent an average of $173 per month on premiums, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Only Alabama, California, Arkansas, Idaho and Delaware boasted better bargains.

At the high end of the health care costs is the state of Massachusetts, where people spent $437 on health insurance premiums per month.

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