List of Health Insurance Extras/Add Ons Questions to Ask

Comparing Health Insurance Extras/Add Ons (Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Prescription Coverage, etc.)


  • What is the premium?
  • What is the deductible?
  • Is there a co-payment with this plan?
  • What standard procedures are covered?
  • Is there an out of pocket maximum? If so, what is it?


  • What is the premium?
  • What amount of coverage does this buy?
  • How do the dependents receive reimbursement?
  • What types of accidents does this policy cover?


  • Does this plan offer yearly checkups?
  • What percentage would I be responsible for?
  • Are there certain providers to adhere to?
  • What discount does this plan offer on glasses/contact?


  • Are generics covered?
  • What are my out of pocket expenses?
  • Are there restrictions to where prescriptions can be filled?


  • Does this include NICU services?
  • What is my out of pocket maximum?
  • Are Doulas or Midwives covered on this plan?
  • Is there a benefit for taking infant CPR or birthing classes?
  • Are fertility treatments or any other family planning covered? If so, how much?

List of Health Insurance Extras/Add Ons Questions to Ask

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