SelectHealth health insurance company in Utah, are they the best choice?

The more information you have when you’re looking for health insurance in Utah, the better.

In Utah, not all doctors are part of every insurance carrier’s network.  So, if you have a favorite Dr., you need to know what health insurance carriers he or she is part of.

Some doctors are exclusively in SelectHealth as they are the direct carrier for Intermountain Health Care (IHC).   This sometimes causes a dilemma because Humana, for example, may be the right carrier for you.  But if your favorite, long term doctor is exclusively in the SelectHealth network, you have to make a decision.  Either break up your doctor for another one, or pay a larger deductible which may be two times larger than your in-network deductible.

That’s a tough decision to make; the favorite doctor or your wallet.

Individual and family insurance is fully underwritten unlike employer based insurance.  This means that before you are approved for a plan, the carriers are going to take a look at your medical history. If you have been perfectly healthy, have had clean physicals and have not taken any prescription medications for the last 3-5 years (other than for cold or flu), your insurance application will fly through without any rate increases or delays. If you had any medical issues, they will take a closer look and could possibly increase the rate you would pay if you were perfectly healthy, exclude coverage for certain issues or deny you coverage altogether. Knowing how each carrier underwrites certain conditions is very helpful for the process as well.

In Utah, the largest is SelectHealth health insurance company. SelectHealth has more than a third of the coverage provided in the state of Utah.  They also run a couple of the biggest hospitals.

Humana is another health insurance company in the state of Utah.  Humana is also big across the U.S.  Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Assurant and Altius are all additional health insurance provider choices in Utah. Who has the best plans? Who is the least expensive?  Which one is the right one for you?

You need to do your homework to answer those questions.  Or, find an insurance broker that can help you.

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