Small Business Employees Are the Target Market for Utah Health Exchange

Kaiser recently published an interview with Patty Conner, the director of the Utah Health Exchange on their blog.

Patty said with in the interview that small business employees are the target market for the Utah Health Exchange. She also said –

“The problem that we identified was that our uninsured population was actually employed individuals, but they worked for small businesses. Most of our small business population was challenged in offering healthcare insurance to their employees, so we felt that was our number one priority. We built a market around that, and we refer to it as the “defined contribution” market.

In that defined contribution market we allowed more carriers to join the exchange rather than just have one choice through a small business option, allowing flexibility with the amount of money that an employer would contribute toward the health care plan, and then allowing consumers to actually take responsibility for picking their own plan. Whether it was a plan design, a carrier, or a price tag that drove their decision, they would have many options to choose from.”

Pretty interesting stuff relative to Utah health insurance if you ask me. It will be interesting to see how the Utah Health Exchange performs moving forward.

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